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6 Best Websites for Finding Virtual Assistance Jobs

Virtual Assistance jobs can generally be described as self-employed. It provides administrative and creative support to clients and the option to work remotely. The good thing for Virtual Assistance job is that as independent contractors besides the employees. Virtual Assistance works for the other small business along with the support of business executives.

Be sure that there are many virtual assistance jobs. You can work remotely and earn a living as a Virtual Assistant. This is the best place to work as Virtual Assistants.

You Need to Have the Best Virtual Assistants

  • High internet speed laptop
  • Phone line for personal and separate use
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Google Suite: Gmail Calendar, Drive, Drive, and Plus.

The Best Websites for Finding Virtual Assistance Jobs


Virtual Assistance Jobs

This is the most popular platform and best place to find freelancers. You can also work as a freelancer.

The process is simple. You need to create an account. Once you have made your account, you can search for the job by looking through the job list. This platform offers a wide variety of job opportunities.

Register on the site to get started and apply for the freelancing position. About The payment method, you can use Paypal or any other alternative.

Check Out Freelancer Now


4 Best Websites for Finding Virtual Assistance Jobs Guru

Guru is the best choice for Virtual Assistance. This is one of the most systematic approaches. You can either hire a Virtual Assistance immediately or work as GURU’s VA.

Guru.com is the best place to find Virtual Assistance jobs via their networks. This is the best destination for employers. You can quickly get the job via the dashboard.

Check Out Guru Now

Upwork (Earlier ODesk):

Best Websites for Finding Virtual Assistance Jobs Upwork

This is similar to Guru, the most well-known freelance job site. ODesk provides VA jobs and offers many opportunities for employers to find a job through this platform.

Register on the oDesk website to create an account. You will then be able to browse through all of the available job options on that platform. There were many jobs posted on oDesk, so there is a good chance you will find a job. This one is worth a try.

Check Out Upwork Now

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Best Websites for Finding Virtual Assistance Jobs Amazon Mechanical Turk

Many people are still unfamiliar with Amazon Mechanical Turk. This one can be described as the Marketplace for the work. It is called the“human intelligence task.”

You will get paid for your work, such as cleaning data and websites, keyword searching, creating and editing content, and providing feedback. There are many opportunities available.



Fiverr You can be creating an online profile and apply for jobs there. It’s a great way to gain experience, but there aren’t many high-paying jobs there.

You will be able to get some beginner jobs if you take the time to build a profile. This will allow you to gain experience and apply for higher-paying jobs elsewhere.


4 Best Websites for Finding Virtual Assistance Jobs flex jobs

FlexJobsThis is an online job site that allows you to search for work from home jobs. This is the best platform to begin a remote career. You will find all available virtual assistant jobs in the section. Here.

Each job opportunity is carefully screened before it is approved. This means that all jobs are legitimate opportunities to make money.

But here’s the catch: It’s not free. To be eligible to apply for job listings, you will need to pay $14.95 per month. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you do not want to renew the abonnement, you can pay the fee or request a refund. No questions asked.



This is the most popular online staffing platform in America by Upwork. This article inspired the creation of this company, the Dawn of the E-Lance Economy.


Those are the best site in the world for online work. If you have a particular skill set, you can quickly find job opportunities here. Your portfolio will increase your chances of being hired. You can learn skills such as SEO experts, sales consultants, PHP DevelopersThere are many options. Sign in to the Elance site, and you can be hired for Virtual Assistance jobs.

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