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what is the main function of a technology transfer office with respect to collaborative research?

TTO, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), is the subject matter expert for CDC researchers who need to establish research relationships. TTO has a variety of agreements that can be tailored to your research needs, as no collaboration research project is the same.


TTOs have a broad goal to bring university research to market. However, they also engage in many activities to support and encourage faculty and students throughout the technology transfer process. This encouragement can increase the likelihood of students and faculty creating commercially viable research innovations. TTOs serve many important functions, including:

Industry partnerships

Many TTOs have the important task of establishing and maintaining industry partnerships. This is crucial in order to bring new technologies to market and collaborate with other companies. Many universities, such as Northwestern and MIT, have separate offices for corporate and industry relations. These offices often work alongside the TTO. TTOs can usually benefit from the relationships built by the corporate relations office and focus more on technology transfer. TTOs use two types of methods to engage with industry partners. The “pull” method is where TTOs receive interest from industry partners in bringing certain technologies at the university on the market. The “push” method is where TTOs actively seek industry partners for this purpose.

Intellectual property

The Bayh-Dole Act required universities to obtain patent protection for inventions to whom they choose a title. Many universities in the US adopted intellectual property policies that obliged faculty to give inventions to the university. The patent is usually licensed to a company that will invest in developing the invention into a product that it can sell at a premium and make a profit before the patent expires.

Counseling and incubation for startups

Many universities have TTOs that offer general business and legal advice to encourage entrepreneurship among students and faculty. TTOs provide resources, funding, and connections to university spinoff companies to help increase startup success. This may lead to financial gain if the university has intellectual property or an equity stake in the company. Many TTOs create programs and incubators for students and faculty to encourage entrepreneurship among university researchers. Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator, Harvard University’s Physical Sciences, and Engineering Accelerator, and FabLab MSI, both affiliated with the University of Chicago, are examples of such programs and incubators. Research suggests that TTO incubators do not have a high rate of technology transfer. This is despite the fact that they were established.

What is the best course of action for a trainee having a problem with their mentor?

What is the best course of action for a trainee having a problem communicating with a mentor? The trainee should first try to communicate with the mentor. Next, the trainee should seek the advice of a senior person whom the trainee trusts.

Informed consent is when the purpose of the study is explained to the participants, such as their role and how the trial will be conducted. The informed consent document is a key part of informed consent.

This is an example situation of differential vulnerability.

Individuals who decide on their medical treatment are more likely to be seen in Western society than in non-western countries. “A physician recruiting patients is an example of deferential vulnerability” because doctors often consider patients at a higher socio-economic level than they do patients.

Which one of the following can be considered an SBR Data Collection?

Interviews are the best answer.

What would the best example of prisoner research be?

Federal laws govern research on criminals. An example of research that would allow prisoners to be released under regulations is the age at first arrest. Additional explanation: To check the history of the adult criminal, the age of the criminal must be examined.

Which one of the following is required to be eligible for research?

Research that isn’t minimally risky given the patient’s life-threatening circumstances does not qualify under the Exception For Informed Consent.

What is a complete board review?

Research that is more than minimally risky usually requires a full board review. However, less risky research may also be subject to Full Board Review. All subsequent reviews can use Expedited Review procedures if the full board finds that the research is of minimal risk.

Which one of these measures can researchers use to protect the confidentiality of subject data?

Does this set contain terms (4) What is one measure that researchers can use to ensure confidentiality of subject data? Secure sensitive and identifiable data on encrypted files on a password-protected hard drive.

How can you protect participants in research from harm?

You should protect the confidentiality of participants by encrypting computer-based files and storing documents (i.e., signed consent forms) within a locked filing cabinet. Also, remove personal identifiers as soon as you can from study documents to ensure privacy.

How can you keep confidentiality in a research study confidential?

Researchers employ a variety of methods in order to protect their subjects’ identities. They use password-protected files, encryption for sending information over the Internet, and old-fashioned locks and drawers to keep their records safe.

What could go wrong if confidentiality breaches?

Breaking confidentiality agreements can lead to the termination of an employee’s employment. If a third party is involved, they could even be subject to a civil lawsuit for the consequences of the breach.

what is the main function of a technology transfer office with respect to collaborative research?

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