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How to grow your online business in 2022


Do you know How to grow your online business? These are ten digital strategies you can start developing right now to help your company adapt to the changing digital landscape and consumer behavior and, more importantly, to thrive in 2022.

How to grow your online business in 2022?

Create an online hub for your business

Some businesses wonder if their website is still relevant with all the social media platforms and Google platforms.

Yes! Websites are an essential part to grow your online business.

Your website is your online home. Your website is the hub of all social media and where you should drive traffic.

Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business. Your website may be the first place your customer contacts you. However, it is also where they validate their impressions about you and your company.

Websites are trusted like no 

another platform and this is why consumer trust is so important. Social media trends change all the time, but your website is the only asset your company has that you can fully customize.

This website design checklist will help you ensure that your website is ready to grow your online business.


Be obsessed with consumer behavior

It’s one thing for you to meet in a Board Room with your team and discuss your website content, design, and overall strategy. Understanding your ideal customer’s behavior and personality is a different thing. Obsessing consumer behavior will allow you to make better and more targeted decisions.

COVID has influenced consumer behavior, and it is essential to know what customers want. Customers may wish to curbside pick-up (where the order is delivered right to their vehicle) as a convenience even if “things are back to normal.”

Your company will stay ahead of the competition by investing in customer insight reports and customer surveys.


The Most Effective Marketing Channel to grow your online business

Your website is not the only platform you own. However, your email list is the only way to engage customers.

It was evident last year with Pinterest. Bloggers with thousands of Pinterest followers who focused their efforts on the acquisition of and engagement method that worked for them (Pinterest) were greatly affected by Pinterest’s algorithm change. This caused their traffic to plummet to a screeching stop.

There have been many stories about Facebook accounts being closed down or sent to jail.

Social followers are essential and valuable. It is not a good idea, however, to ignore email communication with customers.

Email marketing is ranked the most effective channel for marketing, surpassing SEO, social media, and affiliate marketing. Email marketing can be the key to grow your online business. Are you looking to improve your email marketing? Neil Patel’s Guide to Effective Email Marketing.

Every page is your home page.

grow your online business throught SEO

In the past, visitors would go to your homepage and navigate to various sections of your website from there. Users are now arriving at specific pages on your site through SEO, targeted ads campaigns, Google Shop, and email marketing to name a few.

I don’t know anything about your business, but I can still find out who you are and what you offer. Don’t make the mistake of putting only information about yourself on your about page or only information about your services on your services pages.

The Hammersley brothers’ Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce Development explains that Product Pages are now the Landing Page. “Think about your product page as the entire website. What would happen if someone only visited a product page? Optimizing Product Pages to increase conversions includes offering multiple products, including user reviews. This will help build trust and highlight offers.

Optimize your site for mobile

grow your online business-Optimize your website for mobile

This isn’t a new trend, but it can be shocking to see websites not optimized for mobile. Google claims that 54% of websites can be viewed from mobile devices and has implemented mobile-first indexing.

Google is not the only one to be happy with. 57% of internet users don’t recommend businesses that have a poor mobile website.

It’s not enough to make your site fit on a smartphone. Your site should also look great on mobile to grow your online business.

Prepare for Web 3.0

Blockchain was the buzzword in 2018-2019. Although blockchain is not as popular in 2021, it is still being developed for a decentralized internet or Web 3.0. It is essential to be aware of the fundamental principles, such as user privacy and data ownership.

What is Web 3.0? Forbes explains that Web 3.0 is a decentralized blockchain protocol. This will allow individuals to connect to an Internet to own and receive proper compensation for their time and data. It will also eliminate an exploitative and unfair web where only centralized repositories have the right to hold it and make a profit. “

Nike is an excellent example of a real-world company that uses blockchain technology. Nike is now using blockchain to authenticate and track shoes (coined CryptoKicks).

We will see new companies and ideas emerge from the pandemic just as Airbnb and Uber emerged from 2008’s recession.

Although not all companies need to be early adopters, every business needs to stay informed about Web 3.0 and be prepared to jump in if an opportunity presents itself.


Pivot Your Marketing Automations

The iOS 14 update has changed how companies retarget customers. The iOS 15 update is scheduled for Fall 2021 and will follow 14’s lead with more stringent privacy controls.

Mail Privacy Protection could make a big difference in email marketing campaigns. Apple released a press release on June 7, 2021, stating that Mail Privacy Protection prevents senders from knowing whether an email was opened. It also hides IP addresses to ensure senders cannot learn a user’s location or build a profile. “

Many marketing automation has “opened” and “clicked” triggers. If your business doesn’t have this information, it must revise its automation.

Pay Attention to Your Core Web Vitals

Google has included Core Web Vitals into its ranking factors starting June 2021. Ahrefs, a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, explains Core Web Vitals in their overview. “Core Web Vitals” are the speed metrics that makeup Google’s Page Experience signals and are used to measure user experiences. 

Although it is one of 200 ranking factors, you should be aware of the performance of your website. The best way to view your site’s metrics is by viewing the Core Web Vitals section in Google Search Console.

It’s a brick-by-brick approach to every SEO project. Core Web Vitals should be part of your overall SEO strategy.

Hosting can have a significant impact on the performance of your website. Please read here on why I recommend Cloudways as the best host for your website.

Stop selling to everyone.

While you want customers to choose you, what can you do to make your company more successful? Picking out the right customers is key. Your digital marketing strategies will be more successful if you target a specific demographic.

Customers expect a seamless and personalized experience. If you want to please everyone, how can you offer that red carpet treatment?

The Hammersley brothers provide a great example: If you have a website selling golfing equipment, you may determine that your traffic can be grouped into the following niches:

  • Golfers who are new to the game of golf are looking for their first clubs.
  • Parents are looking for clubs to purchase for their children.
  • Intermediate golfers who want to progress to the next level.
  • Advanced golfers are seeking the most recent product.
  • Everyone else.

For a more personal experience, a website or marketing campaign can be tailored to each target customer.


Do not be a fool about web design.

One final tip to help you grow your online business: Stop focusing on excellent web design and instead focus on what makes it effective. This strategy, highlighted by Joe Natoli from giving Good UX, is focused on being ruthless about determining what the user cares about or needs to focus on most on any given screen.

Joe said: “Even the most beautiful UI design can still prove to be an obstacle. It’s a collection of unusable elements.

Every element a user sees on the screen does one of these two things. Each element either:

  • They illuminate the way to their desired outcome they can get there quickly and easily.
  • It serves as an obstacle they are standing in the way of what they want to achieve and find.”

Take a look at this website. Are there any obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your goals? Stop focusing on the obstacles and focus on creating user-friendly, effective websites that are goal-driven and user-friendly. This will help you to grow your online business.


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