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How to get started in affiliate marketing in 2022

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Get up at an alarming hour. You will have to drive through gridlock and other half-asleep commuters on your way to work. You will be slaving through email after email until you find the sweet release at five o’clock.

Does that sound terrible?

Instead of getting stuck in the rat race and the monotony and stupor that comes along with it, how about making money anywhere you want, anytime? Even if you’re asleep, you can still make money.

This is affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is a popular method to generate online sales and significant revenue. Both affiliate marketers and brands have seen a considerable increase in their effectiveness by embracing less traditional marketing strategies. It’s true.

  • Affiliate marketing is used by 81% of brands and 84% of publishers. This statistic will only increase as the United States increases its affiliate marketing spending each year.
  • The United States sees an average 10.1% increase in affiliate marketing spend each year. This means that the total amount will rise to $6.8 Billion by 2020.
  • 2018 content marketing costs were 62% higher than traditional marketing strategies while generating three times as many leads. Affiliate marketing is responsible for 16% of all online orders.
  • Amazon changed its affiliate structure in March 2017. They now offer rates from 1-10% on product revenue to creators. This allows affiliates to significantly increase their passive income depending on which vertical they are selling.
  • Jason Stone’s affiliate marketing, also known as Millionaire Mentor, led to as high as $7 million in retail sales in just the three months of June and July 2017.


How to get started in affiliate marketing in 2022


You can build, manage, scale, and scale any online business. Essentials make it easy to get started in less time and at a lower cost.

You can choose the most valuable features and functionality that will help you showcase your products and run your company. A platform that scales with and not against you.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to the act of marketing products by a company or person and receiving a commission. Affiliates simply find a product they like and promote it. They also get a share of any sales. Affiliate links are links that link from one website to another and track sales.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is a way to spread the responsibility of product marketing and creation among parties. It allows you to use the talents of many people for a more effective marketing strategy while also giving contributors a share of any profits. Three parties are required to make this happen:

  1. Both the seller and the product creators.
  2. Advertiser or affiliate.
  3. The consumer.


Let’s look at the complicated relationship between these three parties to ensure that affiliate marketing succeeds.

Both the seller and the product creators.

A seller is an entrepreneur, solo or large, who sells a product or service. You can either sell a product, such as household goods or provide a service like tutorials in makeup.

The seller, also known as the brand, is not required to participate in marketing actively. However, they can be an advertiser and make a profit through the revenue sharing associated affiliate marketing.

A seller could, for example, be an e-commerce merchant who started a dropshipping company and is looking to reach new customers by paying affiliate sites to promote their products. The seller could also be a SaaS company, which uses affiliates to sell its marketing software.

The Advertiser or affiliate.

An affiliate (also known as an Advertiser ) is someone or company that markets the product to potential customers to convince potential customers that your product is valuable and useful. The affiliate promotes it. If the consumer buys the product, affiliates get a portion of the revenue.

Affiliates may have a specific audience they market to and often adhere to their audience’s interests. This helps affiliates attract the most potential customers to their promotion.

The consumer.

Affiliate marketing is driven by the consumer, regardless of whether they know it or not. Affiliates share these products on social media, blogs, websites, and other platforms.

The affiliate and the seller share the profits when the consumer purchases the product. Sometimes, the affiliate will be honest with the customer and disclose that they receive commissions for sales. Sometimes, the customer may not be aware of the affiliate marketing infrastructure that underpins their purchase.

They will pay less for the product they purchase through affiliate marketing. The affiliate’s share is included in the retail price. Consumers will proceed with the purchase and receive the product as usual, regardless of whether they have been involved in affiliate marketing.

How do affiliate marketers get paid?

Affiliate marketing is a quick and easy way to make money online without having to sell a product. How does an affiliate make money after linking the seller and the consumer?

It can be difficult to know the answer.

Affiliates don’t have to purchase the product to receive a kickback. The program will determine how the affiliate’s contribution is measured.

Affiliates may be paid in many ways.

Pay per sale.

This is the most popular affiliate marketing structure. This program pays the merchant a percentage of the product’s sales price after the customer purchases the product because of the affiliate’s marketing strategies. This means that the affiliate must convince the investor to buy the product before they receive compensation.


Pay per lead

A more complex system, pay-per-lead affiliate programs compensate the affiliate based on the conversion of leads. The merchant must convince the consumer to visit their website and take the desired action, whether signing up for a free trial, filling out a contact sheet, downloading software, or subscribing to a newsletter.


Pay per click.

This program encourages affiliates to refer consumers from their marketing platform directly to the merchant’s site. This means that the affiliate must engage consumers to the point where they will go to the merchant’s website from their marketing platform. Affiliates are paid according to the amount of web traffic.

Why be an affiliate marketer?

What are the benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer

Passive income

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money while you sleep, unlike regular jobs that require you to work. You will get continuous returns on your investment in a campaign as customers purchase the product over the next days and weeks. Your work is worth money long after it’s finished. Your marketing skills can bring you a steady income even when you aren’t at your computer.


No customer support.

Selling products and services to consumers requires that they deal with them and make sure they are happy with the product or service.

The affiliate marketing structure will ensure that you don’t have to worry about customer support and customer satisfaction. The sole purpose of an affiliate marketer’s job is to connect the seller and the customer. After you have received your commission, the seller will deal with any complaints from consumers.


You can work from home.

Affiliate marketing is the ideal solution for someone who hates the idea of going to work. Affiliate marketing allows you to launch campaigns, collect revenue, and work from your home. You can work from home and do this job without even stepping out of your pajamas.

It is cost-effective.

Many businesses need to pay startup fees and have the cash flow to fund the products they sell. Affiliate marketing is easy and affordable. Affiliate program fees are not to be worried about. There is no need to create products. This line of work is easy to start.


It is convenient and flexible.

You can be a freelancer and set your own goals. You can also redirect your path if you wish. You can choose the products you are interested in, as well as your hours. You can choose to diversify your portfolio or concentrate on straightforward campaigns. Additionally, you won’t be subject to company regulations or restrictions as well as any ill-performing employees.

Performance-based rewards

You could work 80 hours a week with other jobs and still get the same salary. Affiliate marketing is entirely dependent on your performance. It’s all about what you put into it. Your revenue will increase by improving your writing skills and reviewing. Finally, you’ll get paid for the exceptional work that you do.


SEO is powerful.

If you do your SEO correctly, you can get a lot of organic traffic from search engines. Search Engine Optimization is no longer about cheating Google. It is now about improving your website’s user experience. Information is what people naturally search for online. To be their first information source, you need to learn about on-page SEO, keyword research, and link building. It would be a great feeling to be ranked #1 in Google for terms like “best product” and “product review.”


Common Affiliate Marketing Channels

Affiliates have many common practices that ensure their audience is interested in the products they promote. Affiliates may not advertise products the same way. There are many marketing channels that they can use.


An influencer is someone who has the ability to influence large groups of people’s buying decisions. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to help this person. This person already has a large following. It’s easy for them to direct customers to their products via social media posts, blogs, or other interactions with their followers. They get a share of the profits they helped to create.

Influencer marketing campaigns are very popular on Instagram, where brands partner up with influencers that are experts in their niches. A campaign can include product reviews, live videos, account takeovers, or photos depending on the deal. Although influencers may have their brand and visual aesthetic, it is essential to tie your brand elements to increase brand recognition and recall. You can do this by using Instasize apps, which allow you to quickly modify and customize your campaign’s visuals with just a single tap.



Bloggers can rank organically for search engine queries and increase seller conversions. A blogger reviews the product or service, then provides a detailed review. This helps drive traffic back to the seller’s website.

Bloggers are awarded for their influence in spreading the word about the product’s value, which helps to increase sales. 

Microsites that are primarily geared towards paid search.

Microsites that are developed and monetized can be a great way to generate serious sales. These sites can be advertised on a partner website or in the sponsored listings of a search engine. These websites are distinct from the main site of the organization. 

Microsites provide more relevant, targeted content that is tailored to a specific audience. This results in higher conversions.


Email lists

Despite its age, email marketing is still a viable source of affiliate marketing income. Affiliates may have an email list that they can use for selling the seller’s products. Others may use email newsletters that include hyperlinks to product information and receive a commission when a consumer purchases the product.

Affiliates can also build up an email list over time. The affiliates then use their campaigns for large numbers of email addresses and send out emails about the products that they promote.

Big media websites.

These sites are designed to generate vast amounts of traffic every day. These websites promote products to their large audience by using banners and contextual affiliate links. This gives the seller and affiliate better exposure and increases conversion rates.


Here are some tips to help you become a successful affiliate marketer


Establish a relationship

You will want to create a niche audience when you start your affiliate marketing career. This will allow you to target your niche with your affiliate marketing campaigns, increasing the chances of you converting. You’ll be able to market to people who are more likely to purchase the product if you position yourself as an expert in a single area.

Personalize it.

There are many products that you can promote. You will have the freedom to choose and promote products you believe in. Make sure your campaigns are focused on products that consumers love. Your brand will be trusted, and you’ll see a high conversion rate.

To work with influencers and bloggers, you’ll need to be proficient at email outreach. You can use Voila Norbert or ContactOut to collect the contact information of people and send them personalized emails to get guest blogging opportunities and affiliate opportunities.


Review products and services.

You should focus on reviewing services and products that are relevant to your niche. Next, use the relationship you have built with your audience and your expertise to tell your readers why they should purchase the product or service that you promote. If there’s an affiliate program, almost anything online can be reviewed. You can review digital software, physical products, and even services like ride-sharing, resort bookings, or even travel resort booking.

Comparing the product to other products in the same category is particularly effective. To increase conversions, ensure you create straightforward, concise content.

Use several sources.

Instead of focusing on email campaigns, create a blog and reach your audience via social media. Also, consider cross-channel promotions.

To find the best marketing strategy for your audience, test a range of strategies. This technique should be used frequently.

This article will provide more information about how to make your blog a huge success this year.


Carefully choose campaigns

You’ll make less money promoting a poor product, no matter how skilled your marketing skills are. Before you promote a product, make sure to research the demand. Before you partner up with a seller, make sure you thoroughly research them. You have much time, and you want it to be well spent.


Keep up to date with the latest trends.

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive industry. To remain competitive, you’ll need to keep up with any new trends. You’ll also likely benefit from some of the latest marketing techniques that are being developed. To ensure that your conversion rates and revenue are as high as possible, make sure you keep up-to-date with all the new strategies.

What are the top affiliate marketing trends for 2020?

Accreditation and reporting of affiliates have been improved.

Many affiliate programs offer last-click attributes. This means that the affiliate who receives the last click before the sale gets 100% credit. This is changing. You can now see the full-funnel, cross-channel picture of how each marketing tactic works together with affiliate platforms that offer new attribution models.

You might notice that a paid social media campaign generated the first click. Affiliate X received click 2, while Affiliate Y received the last click. This complete picture will allow you to structure your affiliate commissions, so Affiliate X gets a percentage of the credit for each sale, even if they don’t get click 2.


Influencer niches are increasingly hyper-targeted.

Large affiliates used to be the most important. They provided traffic to thousands or hundreds of advertisers through catch-all media sites and coupons. However, this is no longer the case. Influencers can use long-tail keywords to target consumers who are searching for specific products or services. This allows them to leverage their niche and achieve affiliate marketing success. Although influencers don’t send much traffic to advertisers, the targeted audience they send has higher conversion rates and is more credible than others.

The GDPR will change the way personal data are collected.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was implemented on May 25, 2018, is set regulations that govern the use of personal information across the EU. Some affiliates may have to consent to user data via opt-in consent (updated Privacy Policies and Cookie Notices), even though they aren’t located within the European Union. The new regulation reminds you to adhere to the FTC guidelines and declare that affiliate commissions are earned from your recommendations.

Affiliate marketers are becoming more sophisticated.

Affiliate partners can be a significant source of revenue for merchants who receive a high percentage from the channel. Affiliate marketers can leverage their status to get higher commissions and better deals from their advertisers. Affiliate marketers can control high-paying affiliate programs, regardless of CPA, CPL, or CPC.

What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies for 2022?

What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies for 2022?

Recommend only products that you are very familiar with.

Affiliate marketing is all about building trust with your audience. The fastest way to lose confidence in affiliate marketing is to recommend products you haven’t used before or aren’t suitable for your audience. Also, make sure you never tell anyone to buy a product directly. You are simply recommending the product. If you’re more helpful and offer high-quality advice, your web visitors are more likely to return for your assistance.


Promote products from multiple merchants.

You shouldn’t try to put all your eggs into one basket. You can’t promote only one merchant’s products. This will result in you being stuck with their commissions and landing pages. It is essential that you work with multiple merchants within your niche to promote a variety of products.

This strategy allows you to diversify your commissions and generate steady revenue from building affiliate websites. Some examples of affiliate merchants include brands like BigCommerce, Bluehost, and SimplyBook.


Continually optimize and test your conversion rates.

Let’s suppose you have a promotions site where you promote a product through affiliate links. One hundred referrals are possible if you get 5,000 visitors per month at a 2% conversion. You have two options to get 200 referrals: Increase your conversion rate by 4% and reach 5,000 more people. This sounds much simpler. You don’t have to spend months building Domain Authority through blogging and guest posts. Instead, increase your conversion rate by 2%. This includes landing page optimization, testing calls-to-action, and having a conversion optimization strategy. Optimizing and testing your website will yield better results with less effort.


Concentrate on your affiliate traffic sources.

It is essential to understand where your traffic comes from and who your audience is. This information will enable you to tailor your messaging to offer the best possible affiliate product recommendations. It’s essential to focus on your vertical and the traffic sources and audience visiting your site. Traffic sources can include direct, paid, organic, social media, display, email, and referral traffic.

Google Analytics allows you to see traffic source data. This includes time on page and bounce rate: Geolocation, age, gender, and time of day. You can also view geolocation information. These analytics data are crucial for making informed decisions and increasing conversion rates.

Benefits of joining the BigCommerce Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing Benefits of joining the BigCommerce Affiliate Program.jpg

Industry-leading commissions

In the BigCommerce affiliate program, you receive a 200% bounty per referral and $1,500 per Enterprise referral, with no cap on commissions. Your commission tier will rise the more you refer through the program. BigCommerce offers a 90-day cookie that is industry-leading. Referrals generated by BigCommerce will be credited for up to three years. There are no minimum commitments or obligations to join the program.

Strategic growth

BigCommerce provides unique strategies to help you grow, increase your website’s visibility, and drive more sales. BigCommerce content will allow you to save time and money when creating content.


Tracking that is powerful.

The affiliate dashboard gives you a complete overview of your clicks and sales. You can track your performance and view your earnings every month.

Dedicated account manager

An affiliate expert will be available to you. They will understand your business and help you achieve your goals. BigCommerce will partner with you and our conversion rate specialists to maximize your earnings per click and commissions. 1-on-1 support via phone and email, quarterly contests for affiliates, and the most recent product updates.

Promotion made simple

You will be able to access our pre-made banners, text links, and content from your dashboard. Simply insert our affiliate links onto your pages to promote BigCommerce on any page of your website.


Register for the BigCommerce Affiliate Program

We encourage your audience to apply to the BigCommerce affiliate program if they are looking to start an online business, migrate to e-commerce platforms, or just for e-commerce content. Our team will carefully review your application. Once your application is approved, you will have access to support, tracking, and reporting. Payments can also be made. You’ll also get the unique affiliate link that allows you to track each referral you make. BigCommerce is dedicated to the success and well-being of its affiliate partners.

Executive Summary

Affiliate marketing offers a great way to control your income and focus on performance-based revenue options. A motivated affiliate marketer can earn passive income by working with a seller. They don’t have to worry about creating their product or service.

The success of the job depends on the affiliate’s marketing skills. However, it can be a great way to earn income as a primary or second job.

Affiliate marketing via blogs, reviews, social media, webinars, and other platforms is an easy way to market your products. I hope you follow these tips to engage your audience and convert passive customers into active ones. You can also increase your income by simply following the steps in this article.


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