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Digital Marketing Specialist Salary 2021

What is the digital marketing Specialist Salary? In this article, we will give you all the salaries of the different digital marketing specialists in the USA, Plus, What factors affect how much they can make? This guide will help you understand the factors that affect how much they can earn.

They have become an integral part of our everyday lives, whether it’s via social media or remote working. It’s no surprise that marketing has adapted to these digital spaces as we move our daily activities online.

The role of a digital marketing specialist is to discover innovative and effective ways to promote a company’s products or services in digital media. Digital marketing is an exciting field to work in because it is always evolving and growing.

How much can digital marketers make? It all depends on your location and your digital skills. While entry-level digital marketing specialists may not earn as much as those with more experience, the salary is very competitive once you become a specialist in the right areas.

We’ve compiled statistics from several websites that compare salaries to save you the time of searching. This article will give you an overview of the salaries for digital marketing specialists in the US and worldwide. We’ll answer:

  1. What is the average salary for a digital marketing specialist?
  2. What does experience have on a digital marketing specialist’s salary?
  3. What does the geographical location of a digital marketing specialist mean for a salary?
  4. What is the average salary for digital marketing professionals based on their job title?
  5. Wrap up and more reading

A few things are essential before we move on.

  • We’ve used US Dollars throughout to make it easier to compare like-for-like.
  • We have seen comparison sites that update their metrics with real-time data. We have linked each salary to the page it corresponds to help you get a more current figure as soon as you click a button.

Let’s now dive in to learn all about the digital marketing specialist salary.

What is the average of digital marketing specialist salary?

This section estimates the potential salary for digital marketing specialists, as every job and every salary comparison website has different averages. 

These are some digital marketing specialist salaries in the USA, according to several job websites:

There is a lot of variation here, as you can see. This is normal because we haven’t based our search solely on job titles. This explains why the variety in the job title ‘digital market specialist.’ It encompasses many job roles and levels of experience.

However, we can get an approximate figure by taking the average of these estimates. The average of these estimates can be used to determine that digital marketing professionals in the United States could earn a salary in the range of $63,000.

This is an average. However, it’s not a definitive guideline. For example, entry-level workers might make less than experts, while professionals can expect to make more. This factor will be discussed in greater detail in the next section.

What does experience have to do with the salary of a digital marketing specialist?

The most crucial factor that influences a digital marketing specialist salary is their level of experience.

Experienced marketers with years of experience in traditional and digital marketing will be paid a higher salary than graduates with little work experience. A specialist in social media strategy is likely to earn more than a digital marketer with a wider focus.

This section uses data from Payscale to show how many digital marketers can make at the entry, middle, and senior levels. Payscale provides the lowest salaries estimates among our selection of comparators, which can be useful if you are entering into negotiations about pay and need a guide.

Entry-level digital marketing specialist salary

A bachelor’s degree in marketing or digital is required to land your first position as a digital marketing specialist. You may have previous experience in an equivalent role such as data analytics or advertising.

According to Payscale, a US-based entry-level digital market specialist can make between $33,000 and $41,000. This sounds reasonable for an entry-level position. This is to contextualize the fact that the US real median income for individuals is currently $36,000. It’s not bad, and it’s quite good!

You should have basic knowledge and skills in search engine optimization (SEO), SEO marketing (SEM), email marketing, and search engine marketing (SEM) at this stage in your career. A solid understanding of social media marketing is essential and popular data analytics tools such as Google Analytics. You’ll likely learn many other skills while on the job.

Mid-career digital marketing specialist salary

Payscale reports that mid-career digital marketing professionals in the United States can make an average of $57,000. This could rise to $75,000. Depending on your company and bonus, it may go up to $75,000. This is not bad.

You’ll need to be a digital marketing specialist in your mid-career. This will vary depending on your job. You may be expected to master customer relationships management systems such as SugarCRM or SAP to give you an idea. You will also need to learn about tools like eCommerce, campaign planning, and other marketing-related skills. You will likely have or be working towards additional qualifications to enhance your skills, such as a PRINCE2 project management qualification.

Late career digital marketing specialist salary

Payscale also suggests that the average salary for a late-career digital market specialist in the United States is $63,000. This number could rise to $82,000 depending upon performance bonuses or other financial incentives.

If you have been working in digital marketing for at least this level of your career, you will likely be moving up to a higher-ranking position. You could be in a senior position as a digital marketing manager or a director. Both will likely be paid more than the estimates.

You’ll be able to expand your knowledge in any way you choose. You will be able to manage a team and be able to create complex content marketing strategies. You will also be a skilled digital marketing analyst. All of your decisions will be based on data. You will be involved in creating (or supervision) bespoke tools for marketing to assist you and your organization with the most recent insights.

Let’s now see how your location affects what you can make.

What does the average salary of a digital marketing specialist depend on where it is located?

The idea that salary is affected by location might seem old in today’s world of remote work. Although most digital jobs allow you to work remotely, the trend hasn’t affected job salaries. Despite the rise in home-working, there are still real-world running expenses that companies must pay, which can also impact salaries.

This section lists the average starting salary of a digital marketing specialist in several countries. We have used data from Salary Expert to compare global salaries and converted them into US dollars.

  • Switzerland: $72,831 (67,660 CHF)
  • United States: $63,027
  • Australia $58,554 – 80,714AUD
  • Germany: $56,318 (48,071EUR)
  • Japan: $52,624 (5,764,080JPY)
  • United Arab Emirates: $50,287 (184,704AED)
  • United Kingdom: $49,126 (PS35,971)
  • China: $25,899 (167,440CNY)
  • India: $8,568 (6,31,085INR)

You can see that location is essential. The amount you can make as a digital market specialist even within Europe varies widely. If you are thinking of moving overseas, make sure to search for other jobs in that area before applying. The last factor that can impact digital marketing specialist salaries is…

Based on their job title or specialism, how much can digital marketing specialists make?

The number of digital market jobs is increasing as the digital economy grows. Email marketing was the best way to communicate with people online in the early days. This is no longer true. Content plays a growing role. Search, and social media are both essential marketing tools. There are many digital marketing specialisms. Each one requires different skills. This all affects the amount you can make.

This section shows average entry-level salaries for a variety of digital marketing specialist positions based on job title. These are rough estimates and don’t take into account factors such as location or experience. These are good examples of the range of salaries and jobs you could expect to find when you start your job search.

Salary Expert has the following data on entry-level salaries:

These are just some of the digital marketing specialist salaries that you may come across. As innovations become more common, new roles are created. When looking for your first digital marketing specialist role, keep your eyes wide open and be flexible.

Wrap-up and additional reading

Although the market for digital marketing specialists is vast, this post shows how much it can pay. Many factors can impact the salary of a digital marketing specialist. It all depends on where you are in your career and what your expertise is.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single salary for digital marketing, but one thing is certain: it can be a lucrative career. There are new opportunities and pathways constantly emerging. Digital marketing has become an integral part of our lives. Finance, healthcare, and finance all move more online. This comprehensive career guide will show you what it takes to be a digital marketing specialist.

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Some Statistics About Digital Marketing Specialist salary.


Job TitleAverage Salary
Marketing And Sales Coordinator$44,917
Media Specialist$49,052
Digital Marketing Manager$87,403
Marketing Communications Specialist$51,780
Marketing & Sales Specialist$48,540
Digital Marketing Consultant$63,576
Marketing Associate$45,256
Marketing Consultant$61,688
Marketing Analyst$54,064
Marketing Specialist$52,097

Average Digital Marketing Specialist Salary BY Demographic

Average Digital Marketing Specialist Salary By Education Level

Master’s Degree63,242$
Bachelor’s Degree54,959$
Doctorate Degree64,308$

Average Digital Marketing Specialist Salary By Gendre


Digital Marketing Specialist Salary By Years Of Experience

Experience LevelAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
Entry Level33,400$16,04$
Mid Level54,000$25,98$
Senior Level91,800$44,12$


Salary for digital marketing specialists can vary depending on many factors, such as the industry in which they work. The highest-paying jobs are in technology, manufacturing, and healthcare. A digital marketing specialist can earn $68,834 per year while working for technology companies. Other digital marketing specialists can earn $66,353 in manufacturing companies and $65,436 in health care. One industry that digital marketing specialists might avoid is the hospitality industry, which offers the lowest median salary at $55,671.

RankIndustryAverage Digital Marketing Specialist SalaryDigital Marketing Specialist Salary Range
3Health Care$65,436 $48k
4Retail$64,373 $78k
5Media$59,486 $48k
6Education$58,385 $78k

AVerage Digital Marketing Specialist Salary Over Time

YearAvg. salaryHourly rate% Change

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary By State

StateAvg. salaryHourly rate
New York$62,580$30.09

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