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digital marketing internship

Introduction About Digital Marketing Internship

A digital marketing internship is the best place to start. A digital marketing course requires a lot of hard work and knowledge. You will need to attract recruiters by getting good training and doing internships to improve your skills. This subject is in high demand, and there is a lot of competition. Every day, new technology, tool, and strategies, terminology, or algorithms are discovered.

It can be challenging to get into the digital field market, especially since many positions require experience. Plus, digital marketers must be selected when being hired, even though it can be difficult to find qualified ones.

However, Shaun Lee, Senior Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn, advised that “if you want to pursue senior positions in multinational corporations, you will need a lot of experience.” The barrier to entry for entry-level positions in startups is often lower than those seeking senior positions in multinational corporations.

An internship can provide you with the necessary experience to take your digital marketing career up the ladder. Reading this article will help you understand better digital marketing and the steps you need to get started.

What is a Digital Marketing Internship, and how can you apply?

An internship in digital marketing is a temporary job in the marketing department of an agency or company. Interns are responsible for the creation and implementation of digital marketing campaign strategies.

The work scope includes creative work and technical implementation. It can range from search engine SEO to online advertising, Social Media Marketing, and email marketing. It is possible to write articles, design creatives, support lead generation campaigns, and create reports.

The typical digital marketing internship lasts between 1 and 3 months. However, it is possible to extend the duration to 6 months depending on the contract and any private agreements made between the company intern and the intern.

A digital marketing intern’s salary is usually between $800 and slightly more than $1,000 per month.

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WHY Digital Marketing Internship!

Even though you may be a newbie in digital marketing, you can still earn a decent salary. However, you must perform at that level. A digital marketing internship is a great way to start a career. You can improve your skills by working on real projects and completing the tasks within deadlines. Digital Marketing is an ever-changing field. You need to keep up with new developments and adapt to them. This is what internships teach you.

Digital Marketing Internship Benefits

Digital Marketing Internship Benefits

An internship is different from school or online-based learning (e-learning). You get real-world experience in digital marketing campaigns while you are on the job. This will be a great advantage over theory-based lectures and project assignments.

An internship at a web agency is a different experience than interning for a company (client-side). Digital agency interns may have the opportunity to work with multiple clients in different industries, while those on the client side typically only experience one industry.

Digital agency interns are exposed to digital marketing strategies across different industries and have more opportunities to be hands-on. The client-side can have a heavier workload than the agency.

Interns in larger marketing teams also have networking opportunities. They can learn from more experienced digital marketers and get to know the industry inside and out.

Whether you intern in a client or digital agency, interning as a digital marketing intern can bring many benefits.

Get a broad overview of digital marketing and what to specialize in

Digital marketing offers a wealth of knowledge and skills. Even marketers from a decade ago who were educated at universities are amazed at how quickly marketing has changed.

A T-shaped marketer was born to describe someone with broad knowledge of all marketing disciplines but a deep understanding of one or two particular areas. A T-shaped digital marketer is crucial for effective communication and productive meetings between marketing departments.

As a digital marketing intern, you can gain an excellent overview of different digital marketing disciplines. This will allow you to learn about different marketing disciplines, discover your interests, and be able to choose your specializations with clear guidance.

Hands-on Learning Experience

As a digital marketing intern, you will be at the bottom of a company’s ranks and will likely be assigned the most boring tasks, such as creating an email newsletter and uploading content. This is the harsh truth. If you’re open-minded, there is still much to do.

Ng Zhuo Ling (Marketing Executive at Cycle and Carriage) recalled learning how to use SalesForce to create nurturing campaigns and navigate a content management platform to publish product information. She also learned how to design graphics using Adobe Illustrator. Her internship experience allowed her to maximize her productivity in her current job. She was too busy to research CRMs such as SalesForce., graphic design software, or content management systems.

Bountiful Networking Opportunities

Your future job search can be helped by the contacts you make. You can meet industry professionals and like-minded people, unlike in school. Ex-colleagues may be able to refer you to job opportunities or recruiters.

Another benefit of networking is the possibility of forming future partnerships. You might find out that an ex-teammate is working for a B2B software company and that they could be a potential client. You might find that your future role will require you to hire competent marketers. In this case, you can use your existing contacts to help you source potential candidates. Whatever your situation, building a strong social network can make it easier to reach out to people.

Improve your interpersonal and communication skills

It is very different to work in a group environment in a company setting than it is to manage a solo show or take on school projects as a group.

You may be required to deal with clients and team members that are not the most supportive if you work in a digital agency. You’ll need to be able to accept constructive criticism.

You may be required to interact with digital agencies that may not offer the best service or have to report to a dictator boss every day. You’ll need to be able to navigate bureaucracy and adapt to it.

Your internship will give you ample opportunities to improve your communication and interpersonal skills.

Learn to work independently

Your supervisor will assign you to your internship but will most likely be very busy and not have the time to help you.

Ng Zhou Ling recalled how she had to “figure out many things on her own” during her internship at Bosch. Although her supervisor guided her through SalesForce, it was only a matter of pointing out what she should click. She spent a lot more time exploring SalesForce on her own.

She learned the system by “playing with it” on her own. This was an important skill that she used to create and manage customer relationship management and lead nurturing campaigns at Cycle and Carriage.

Feeling fulfilled and accomplished.

It doesn’t matter what you feel, but it does not matter if there is no sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Learning new skills and completing your tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment. Your satisfaction will be derived from your daily interactions with colleagues and building strong relationships with them.

Transitioning to a full-time job

It is very important to remember why you are doing this internship in the first instance – your primary goal of landing a full-time, well-paid job as a digital marketing professional.

Your internship work will improve your portfolio and increase your chances of landing a new full-time job.

Our Digital Marketing Career Assistance Program connects job seekers with digital marketing agencies seeking to fill various positions.

What should you not do as an intern?

While you should do your best to make the most of your internship, there are some things you shouldn’t do.

You shouldn’t be a digital marketing intern.

Do not ask questions.

This is the best opportunity to learn and absorb all you can. You can ask your team members for assistance whenever needed, but be careful about when and how you ask. It is not a good idea to offend people unintentionally.

Do not assume too many things.

You don’t know what else you don’t understand if you continue to spin from the previous point.

You may believe that the email newsletter design you designed was the best since sliced bread. There’s always room to improve, and you should get a second opinion.

Do not be afraid to take on new tasks.

It is normal to fear making mistakes when working on unfamiliar or new tasks. The saying goes that you can’t master everything if you don’t try it.

Do not socialize

An internship offers you the chance to make connections that could be helpful in your future ventures. You can strike up conversations wherever you are, whether at the pantry, an event or in the company’s WhatsApp group. Try your best not to turn down lunch gatherings or company get-togethers.

Overwork Yourself

Although it might seem counterintuitive, long work hours without frequent breaks can reduce creativity, productivity, quality, and output.

Regular breaks are a good way to get your head clear. You never stop working, so save the paperwork for another day.

You can’t manage your time well.

A digital marketer must have good time management skills and project management ability. It is common to be able to manage multiple projects at once and multitask.

If you’re late to deadlines, ask your supervisor for advice and discuss whether you can offload some of the work with your team members. It is essential to be able to prioritize tasks and concentrate on the most important ones first.

Enjoy It!

Your passion for digital marketing must be reaffirmed daily. Digital marketing can be both challenging and rewarding. It would help if you used both your creative and analytical brains simultaneously. Have fun.

What does a Digital Marketing Intern do?

The job scope for a digital marketing intern varies depending on the company’s needs at any given moment. Each of these four categories will have tasks that fall under it quite often.

  • Creativity
  • Writing
  • Campaign
  • Technical


Because the learning curve for creatives is lower than other tasks, this is one of the most popular internship assignments. Creative works can be done, from creating ad copy to email newsletters and designing graphics for marketing collaterals.


Depending on the structure and size of an organization and whether there is a content team, writing tasks can or might not be assigned to digital marketing interns.

For example, in a multinational corporation, all products copy and articles can be controlled by the headquarters and must follow strict quality guidelines.

However, interns can blog, write and copy product copy in smaller digital agencies and companies. This is when editorial guidelines are not strictly controlled.


Digital marketing interns might help with the management and setting up of digital marketing campaigns, including SEO/SEM to Digital Advertising Google Ads, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.


Technically-minded interns may be asked to create landing pages, manage content management systems and set up marketing tags.

Digital Marketing Internship Requirements

Digital Marketing Internship Requirements

How do you get to a position as a digital marketing intern in a company?

It is still difficult for job seekers to get into digital marketing roles despite the many digital agencies and companies available.

The main problem is the lack of experience, essential skills, and attributes required to be a digital marketer. It is becoming more important to be different from others.

Employers seek self-motivated, passionate, and eloquent people who have experience in running digital marketing campaigns.

Shaun Lee, an intern at a global startup company, once advised that an intern approach a potential employer with a well-thought-out media plan. This will make them stand out from other job candidates. Before applying for the job, it is important to research its competitors and understand their business goals.

He said that having sales experience is a plus, especially when it comes to customer empathy. Persona marketing is about understanding the needs of consumers on the ground.

This is becoming more common as the lines between marketing and sales blur as marketing and sales departments merge.

To stand out in the crowd, you can take digital marketing courses.

After you have done all the preparations, ask a third party to review your cover letter and CV. Equinet Academy’s passionate team of digital marketing trainers is more than happy to look over CVs and give tips on how to improve them.

You want to work for a company that offers you the chance to learn in beneficial areas to your career as a digital marketer. This requires doing extensive research about the company and asking the right question.

How do you choose a good company for your digital marketing internship?

How do you choose a good company for your digital marketing internship

Both sides benefit from a successful internship program. Both the interns and the hiring company should benefit from the program.

Interns should also be able to ask more questions before and during interviews.

Tiffany Lim, a recent graduate of Equinet Academy’s Digital Marketing Strategist Programme, shared her experiences working in a company that hosts digital media events. She was responsible for implementing and developing all the company’s digital marketing plans. It was chaotic; I had to learn everything online within the first three months. The lessons she learned were to ask the right questions and find out if the company has the proper infrastructure to benefit both of them.

Do not underestimate yourself. Shaun Lee advises: “Be clear about what you want. Find out what is in store for your time before you commit your effort.”

MLM companies). You can check the salary range to ensure that it covers your basic needs, e.g., After CPF deduction, travel, meals, savings, and other expenses. Do not join companies that do not offer a salary package. This could lead to undervaluing your time or, worse, requiring you to pay a joining fee.

To know which campaigns are being run at the moment, do some research about the company and ask questions like:

  • What’s my job description?
  • Which campaigns will I run?
  • What creative work will you do?
  • Do you plan to write?
  • What technical skills will I acquire?
  • What are the campaign objectives of the company?
  • What are the current challenges, and how can you help?
  • Which competitors are there?

Ask questions and then approach the matter from a consultative perspective.

If you don’t know your role, the company may not be the right one for you.

Companies that also plan to make interns full-time employees are worth looking out for. This shows that they value talent and have long-term plans to keep them.

To find your next digital marketing internship, you can browse our directory of digital marketing agencies and internship portals. Then, start sending your portfolio, cover letter, and CV!

To connect to potential recruiters, leave your details on our Digital Marketing Assistance Program Page.


As your foundation step, you may now know that a digital marketing internship is crucial. There are many options for digital marketing internships. The internship typically lasts for between 3 and 6 months. There are no requirements for the internship. You might also be interested in a course in digital marketing that includes an internship. If your ambitions are strong, this package will suit you.

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