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Best 6 WordPress Hosting providers 2021

Find the best WordPress hosting providers for sites of all sizes.

WordPress powers more than 30% of the internet. It is the most used and popular platform for building websites. However, a great website also comes with great responsibility. You need great hosting packages to complement your website.

WordPress Hosting is now available – specifically designed to meet the needs of WordPress users. There are actually several. There are two types of WordPress hosting we cater to sites of all sizes and shapes. Hosting WordPress shared is perfect for small sites. Managed WordPress HostingSites with more complex needs can be catered for.

A comparison of managed and shared WordPress hosting: An overview

The variation between shared and managed WordPress hosting lies in the level of support you receive and how much it costs. You can share resources with other websites using shared WordPress hosting, which is more affordable. Managed WordPress hosting costs a bit more, but your site’s resources are managed by your host. Most people begin with shared WordPress hosting and then move on to managed WordPress hosting.

Website Builder Expert takes the idea of ‘getting online’ seriously. We conducted our own extensive research into web hosting. We wanted to find out which providers provide the best service and which ones excel at specific types of hosting.

This guide will explain the differences between managed WordPress hosting and shared WordPress hosting. We’ll also review the top providers and give you a list of everything you need to host your WordPress website.

Additional Information

  • Our full review reveals more about the Top Overall Web Hosting Providers.
  • Our Web Hosting Comparison Chart allows you to compare the top providers side by side.

Best Shared WordPress Hosting

Best Shared WordPress Hosting

What is shared WordPress hosting exactly?

You can share WordPress hosting with others by having your site hosted on the same server. You can. Everything, from bandwidth to storage space to support and safety, will be shared.

You have access to WordPress-specific features such as one-click WordPress installation and automatic WordPress updates.

This hosting option is the cheapest of both WordPress options. It is best suited for personal websites, such as blogs or small static sites.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of our top six shared hosting companies to give you an idea about the features and limitations of each.

6 Top Shared WordPress Hosts

  1. Bluehost best WordPress host starts at $3.95/month
  2. HostGator Starts at $14.95 per month – Best for uptime
  3. GreenGeeks – best for green hosting, starts at $9.95/month
  4. DreamHost Storage space is best, starting at $4.95/month
  5. A2 Hosting– best for customer service, starts at $7.99/month
  6. Hostinger Hosting multiple websites are best, starting at $3.95/month
24/7 SupportFree BackupsPrice
Bluehost UnmeteredYesYesYesYes$3.95 – $5.95
HostGator UnmeteredYesYesYesYes$14.95 – $27.95
GreenGeeks UnmeteredYesYesYesYes$9.95 – $24.95
DreamHostUnmeteredYesNoNo Yes $4.95 – $10.95
A2 HostingUnmeteredNoNoYes Yes $7.99 – $24.46
HostingerUnmeteredYesYesYes Yes $3.95 – $58
  • Bluehost offers backups for free only on the most expensive plan. Hostinger charges $0.99 per month for backups on the cheapest plan.
  • Hostinger’s live chat service is available only to those who have signed in to their hosting accounts.

1# Bluehost (from $3.95/month

Best All-Around WordPress Hosting

  • Uptime guarantee: 99.98%
  • supportive chat available 24/7 by phone and/or live chat
  • WordPress-specific features WordPress recommends only three providers for automated software updates and one-click installations.

Bluehost was the top-ranked WordPress hosting provider in our research. It’s not hard to see why. You get a domain free of charge, backups, and SSL security, as well as automated software updates and one-click installs. Unlimited bandwidth and storage are also available. 24/7 support is also offered. Bluehost is unbeatable at just $3.95 per month. Plans start from $3.95/month.

Bluehost Pros & Cons: Shared WordPress Hosting

Bluehost ProsBluehost Cons
– Cheapest shared WordPress hosting availabe
-99.98% uptime
– Only a 30 day money back guarantee
– No automated plugin updates

#2 HostGator (14.95/month).

Best for uptime

  • Uptime guarantee: 99.99%
  • supportive chat available 24/7 by phone and/or live chat
  • WordPress-specific features free backups and automatic updates

Bluehost is the WordPress leader, but HostGator was the overall best host provider in our research. It has strong plans, and WordPress hosting is no exception. You get a free domain, SSL security, backups, unlimited bandwidth and storage, 24/7 support, and the option to upgrade your WordPress hosting to managed. Plans start from $14.95/month.

HostGator’s Pros and Cons: Shared WordPress Hosting

HostGator ProsHostGator Cons
– Automated updates to software and plugins
– 99.99% uptime
-Expensive pricing plans
-No managed WordPress hosting plans

#3 GreenGeeks ($9.95/month)

Green Hosting:

  • Uptime guarantee: 99.98%
  • supportive chat available 24/7 via phone
  • WordPress-specific features automated software updates and plugins, one-click installation, free backups

GreenGeeks stands out because of its 30% energy commitment. This is an great feature if you are looking for eco-friendly WordPress hosting. It also offers a free domain and automatic software and plugin upgrades. You can also get free backups. Your site will be taken care of. It’s a shame that there is no managed WordPress plan. However, GreenGeeks is a solid choice. Plans starting at $9.95 per month.

GreenGeeks Pros & Cons: Shared WordPress Hosting

GreenGeeks ProsGreenGeeks Cons
– Automated updates to both software and plugins
– Environmentally-friendly hosting

– No managed WordPress hosting plan
– Starting price is a bit expensive without a discount

#4 DreamHost ($4.95/month)

Best for Storage Space

  • Uptime guarantee: 99.95%
  • support not 24/7, but via phone or ticket
  • WordPress-specific features WordPress-recommended, automated updates, free backups

Although DreamHost’s offerings are not perfect, they can be very flexible. Automated software updates are not available for plugins. There is unlimited bandwidth and storage but no 24/7 support. DreamHost would be a good provider for people who are comfortable with their technical abilities and want a low-cost plan. Plans start from $4.95/month.

DreamHost Pros & Cons: Shared WordPress Hosting

DreamHost ProsDreamHost Cons
– Cheap pricing plans
– Unmetered bandwidth and storage
– No automated plugin updates
– No 24/7 support

#5 A2 Hosting ($7.99/month)

Best for Customer Service

  • Uptime guarantee: 99.95%
  • Support Live chat available 24/7 by phone and/or live chat
  • WordPress-specific features WordPress pre-installed for fast page loads

A2 and WordPress hosting are better managed plans than their shared ones. Although you do get unlimited bandwidth, storage and 24/7 support, they are not as common as shared plans. We recommend that you choose a higher-ranking provider to avoid any automated updates.Plans starting at $7.99/month

A2 Hosting: Pros and cons of Shared WordPress Hosting

A2 Hosting ProsA2 Hosting Cons
– Unmetered bandwidth and storage
– Great help and support available 24/7
– No automated updates
– 99.95% uptime

#6 Hostinger ($3.95/month)

Best for Hosting Multiple Sites

  • Uptime guarantee: 99.97%
  • Support Access to the knowledge center, tickets, and live chat 24/7
  • WordPress-specific features-click software and plugin updates automate

Hostinger offers some great perks, such as the ability to host 100 websites with its cheapest plan. However, it is not able to compete with the best providers on our list. Hostinger comes with all the standard WordPress features like automatic plugins and software updates and one-click installations. Its limited storage capabilities and lack of support options are a problem. The cheapest plan only gives you 20GB. Plans starting at $3.95/month

Hosting Pros and Cons: WordPress Hosting for Shared Users

Hostinger ProsHostinger Cons
– Allows 100 websites on its cheapest plan
– Affordable starting prices
– Poor range of help and support options
– Seriously limited storage space

Additional Information:

  • Check out our Bluehost Review. Find why it is the best WordPress host.
  • Explore The Best WordPress Hosts at a Cheap price compare the best deals with our handy comparison
  • Are you torn between the top two WordPress shared hosts? Our Bluehost vs. HostGator They clearly state their differences.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting:

Best Managed WordPress Hosting
  • That’s it for shared WordPress hosting! In this topic we will talk at some of the top managed WordPress hosts.
  • Shared WordPress hosting is only for shared hosting. Managed WordPress hosting comes in many forms, such as VPS or dedicated hosting.
  • Managed WordPress hosting offers the best support and maintenance. You have to wait for updates with shared WordPress hosting because you are on a shared server, which is not a priority. Managed WordPress hosting will ensure that you are seen immediately.
  • This is a theme park. There are two options: a regular waiting line and a fast track. Both will ultimately get the same thing. However, the fast track is faster, more efficient, prioritizes you, and provides a better experience.
  • The experience is not only better for you but also for your visitors. WordPress hosting managed offers faster loading speeds and greater security.
  • Businesses of all sizes can use managed WordPress hosting if they need lots of resources and strict security for customer data.

Five of the Best WordPress Hosts

  1. Bluehost-Best WordPress host starting at $29.99/month
  2. A2 Hosting –Best for customer service, starting at $24.46/month
  3. InMotion –The lowest price starting at $8.99/month
  4. WPEngine –Best for support and help, starting at $35/month
  5. SiteGround –Best for reliability, starting at $14.99/month
  • Here’s a comparison of five of our top providers.

Managed WordPress Hosting Side-by-Side

of Websites
BluehostUnmeteredYesNoUnlimitedYes$29.99 – $59.99
A2 HostingUnmeteredYesYes1-Unlimited Yes$24.46 – $75.48
InMotionUnmeteredYesYes1 – 20Yes$8.99 – $142.99
WPEngine50GB – 400GBYesNo1 – 25Yes$35 – $290
SiteGroundUnmeteredYesYes1 – UnlimitedYes$14.99 – $39.99

1# Bluehost ($29.99/month)

Best All-Around WordPress Host

  • Uptime guarantee: 99.98%
  • supportive chat available 24/7 by phone and/or live chat
  • WordPress-specific features WordPress recommends Automated Software Updates. One-click Installs. Staging environment for testing changes to the site. Advanced security

Bluehost once again proved to be the best WordPress hosting provider, claiming the title of the best-managed WordPress hosting provider. Like its shared WordPress hosting offerings, Bluehost offers free backups and SSL security. You also get domains, automatic software updates, unmetered storage and bandwidth, 24/7 expert support, and domains. This is as perfect as it gets. Plans start from $29.99/month.

Bluehost Pros & Cons: Managed WordPress Hosting

Bluehost ProsBluehost Cons
– Free domain, SSL and backups
– 99.98% uptime
– Only a 30 day money back guarantee
– No automated plugin updates

#2 A2 Hosting ($24.46/month)

Best for Customer Service

  • Uptime guarantee:99.95%
  • supportive chat available 24/7 by phone and/or live chat
  • WordPress-specific features WordPress pre-installed. Fast page loads, free backups, and a free Jetpack License

A2 Hosting’s managed WordPress hosting service is superior to its share. A2 Hosting’s managed WordPress hosting comes with unmetered resources, automated updates, 24/7 support, and the ability to host unlimited websites (on its top-tiered plans). You also get A2’s money-back guarantee, which is available at any time. We doubt that you will need it, given A2’s reputation for customer service. Plans start from $24.46/month.

A2 Hosting: Managed WordPress Hosting Pros and Cones

A2 Hosting ProsA2 Hosting Cons
Automated software and plugin updates
Unmetered bandwidth and storage
No free domain
99.95% uptime

#3 InMotion ($8.99/month)

Cheapest Starting Price

  • Uptime guarantee: 99.97%
  • supportive chat available 24/7 by phone and/or live chat
  • WordPress-specific features WordPress staging environment (for testing site modifications), free Jetpack license, and free premium subscription to WordPress themes/plugins (included in most plans).

InMotion is known for its unique and innovative technology.Share And VPS HostingPlans. If you are looking for a deal and a managed WordPress hosting plan at a low price, this is the best provider. The automated updates to software and plugins are a big plus. Unmetered bandwidth is also available, and you get free backups. At 99.97%, the uptime is also quite good. Plans start from $35/month.

  • Cyber Week Deal Alert! InMotion It is currently offering huge savings for new customers on hosting plans. Take a look at black Friday Deals: Full Range Check out the discount offers available to you. These offers are ending soon, so hurry!

InMotion Pros and Cons: Managed WordPress Hosting

InMotion ProsInMotion Cons
– Cheapest managed WordPress hosting available
– Automated updates to software and plugins
– No shared WordPress hosting plans
– Limit on the amount of sites you can host

#4 WPEngine ($35/month)

Best for Help and Support

  • Uptime guarantee: 99.95%
  • supportive chat available 24/7 by phone and/or live chat
  • WordPress-specific features free backups and core WordPress updates
  • WPEngine, a provider specifically designed for WordPress hosting, is available if the name doesn’t already give it away. Although it is more expensive than other providers, WPEngine does a great job. It offers many features, including automatic updates, SSL security, and free backups. The support team is also excellent. Plans start from $8.99/month.

WPEngine: Pros and cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

WPEngine ProsWPEngine Cons
– Great 24/7 help and support
– Free backups and SSL security
– Bandwidth and storage limits
– 99.95% uptime

#5 SiteGround ($14.99/month)

Best for Reliability

  • Uptime guarantee:99.98%
  • supportive chat available 24/7 by phone and/or live chat
  • WordPress-specific featured managed security and updates. Free site transfer. Daily backups. Staging environment (‘test site).

SiteGround is a reliable, affordable, and good-looking hosting provider. SiteGround offers the usual features: automatic updates, backups, SSL security, unmetered bandwidth, and SSL security. SiteGround offers only 10GB to 40GB storage space, depending on which plan you choose. SiteGround is not recommended for sites that have a lot of pages or media content.

Regular prices start at $14.99/month, but SiteGround offers a special for new users: 15% discount plans start from $6.99/month.

SiteGround Pros & Cons: Managed WordPress Hosting

SiteGround ProsSiteGround Cons
– Cheap pricing plans
– 99.98% uptime
– Low storage space limits
– No free domain offered

Other WordPress Hosting Providers

WordPress is the most popular website on the internet at almost a third. It shouldn’t surprise us that there are many other options available than the eight we have listed.

The top five managed and shared WordPress hosts have been listed in our research. However, there may be another provider that is better suited for your specific requirements.

These are just a few of the options available to you:


HostPapa is not a spinoff from its pizzeria name but offers shared WordPress hosting plans with all the essential features you need. It does not offer automatic plugin updates and backups, but it offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. You can also get 24/7 support. Three plans are available, with prices starting at $8.99 and ending at $21.99 per month.


1&1 IONOS is known for its website builder, but it’s also well-known for offering the best hosting deals. It offers WordPress hosting plans that include managed plans. These plans include automatic updates, unlimited bandwidth, 99.98% uptime, and unlimited bandwidth.


GoDaddy is a string of many strings. It is the most important domain registrar worldwide. It also boasts an impressive website builder and offers managed WordPress. The affordable price starts at $8.99 per month and includes free domains, backups, automatic software updates, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, and unmetered bandwidth.

What are the Essentials to Hosting WordPress?

The best WordPress hosting provider may not be the best. Different services cater to different needs. That’s why many can co-exist in relative harmony.

WordPress is unique and has its own needs. It recommends hosting that supports:

  • PHP Version 7.2 and higher
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher, OR MariaDB Version 10.0 and higher
  • HTTPS support

This may sound like a lot of letters with no meaning. It’s not necessary that you are an expert on these topics, but it is a good idea. Let’s ta&lk about what all that means.

PHP is… an open-source scripting language for web development. It can be combined with HTML to make it an excellent link between a website’s servers and its scripting language.

MySQL And MariaDB There are… database management software. MariaDB is an offshoot of MySQL. Both can be thought of as digital filing systems.

HTTP is… a method of securing communication over a computer network. If a website has one, you can check for the padlock symbol beside the URL. HTTPS is now recommended by most of the largest websites in the world. Google Among them.

All of the hosts we have mentioned are compatible with PHP and HTTPS.

The Best WordPress Hosting Providers

The Best WordPress Hosting Providers

It is not eassy the right provider for your website hosting. When searching for a web host, there are many factors to consider. We can tell you one thing with confidence: WordPress hosting is almost always the best choice for WordPress websites.

Your plan makes hosting WordPress sites easy and simplifies the whole process. You can install WordPress with one click, get automatic updates, and receive specialist support.

It is now time to decide whether you want to be managed or shared WordPress hosting. Shared is more appropriate for small and personal websites, while managed is best suited for medium-to-large companies or those holding sensitive information about customers.

Here are the top providers based on expert and detailed research.

6 Top Shared WordPress Hosting Providers: A Recap

  1. Bluehost– The Best All-Around WordPress Hosting Provider.
  2. HostGator– The Best for Uptime
  3. GreenGeeks – Best for Green Hosting.
  4. DreamHost Best for Storage Space
  5. A2 Hosting– Customer Service at its Best
  6. HostingerHosting multiple sites are easy with this plan.

5 Top Managed WordPress Hosting Providers: A Recap

  1. Bluehost The Best All-Around WordPress Hosting Provider.
  2. A2 Hosting Best Customer Service
  3. InMotion– The lowest starting price
  4. WPEngine– The Best for Support and Help
  5. SiteGround– Ideal for reliability

Bluehost is the best choice for anyone looking for a WordPress hosting provider. You will find everything you need, from automatic updates and one-click installations to 24/7 specialist support and nearly limitless resources.

It is our top choice provider and the best place to get your WordPress website up and running.

FAQs about the Best WordPress Hosting Providers

What is the cost of WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting costs will vary depending on whether you are on a managed or shared plan. Managed WordPress hosting is usually between $10 and $200 per month, while shared WordPress hosting typically costs $4-$20/month. 

What makes a WordPress host a good one?

Good WordPress hosts should provide at least some of these features, including automatic software updates, additional security measures, backups, one-click WordPress installations, or free site transfers. You want to receive great support and value when hosting any type of website.

What is the difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org?

WordPress.com allows you to host your blog. It is similar to website designers in that all hosting costs are included with your monthly billing. WordPress.org is a self hosted content management platform where WordPress hosting may be required.

Is WordPress hosting required for a WordPress website?

You can use any kind of hosting. We recommend WordPress hosting as it is designed to simplify your life. One-click installation and automatic WordPress updates can help you save hours of work.

You can host a non-WordPress site with WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting is for WordPress websites only. You can also see our top-rated providers and other hosting options if your site isn’t built using WordPress. You can also check out our web hosting comparison table here to see side-by-side reviews of the top web hosts.

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