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About us

Systemic change in culture, business, and society.

Businesscart.info encourages conversations that lead to positive change. We are unique in our ability to build communities at scale. These communities come to life on all of our platforms.

Since its inception, we have documented success by celebrating those who made it and those who aspired to make it. We also convene and curate the most influential leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are driving change, transforming businesses, and making a significant impact around the globe.

Who are We?

Businesscart.info believes in equity, diversity, and inclusion. We use our platforms to help the world rebuild with equity at its heart. We are the most aided business media brand to ensure that our content and experiences reflect the diverse audience we serve. We have the unique ability and power to make a difference by using our vast editorial voice to challenge injustices and highlight them.

We hold ourselves responsible and ensure that every decision is made with equity in mind.